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The Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center, which allows the surgeons to provide the most comprehensive ophthalmology and reconstructive surgeries in a convenient, comfortable setting. The philosophy of the Ambulatory Surgery Center is to promote the skills and knowledge of its personnel to facilitate the enhancement of our patients’ quality of life by improving their vision in a cost-effective, research-based and technologically advanced setting.

Richard L. Lindstrom, Thomas W. Samuelson, David R. Hardten, Elizabeth A. Davis, William J. Lipham, Patrick J. Riedel, Sherman W. Reeves, Jill S. Melicher, Christine L. Larsen and Richard M. Launer are all credentialed by the Ambulatory Surgery Center. These internationally recognized surgeons perform a wide range of ophthalmic procedures at the ASC, including: cataract surgery, corneal transplant procedures and glaucoma procedures such as trabeculectomy and peripheral iridotomy procedures. In addition, blepharoplasty, ptosis correction surgeries, reconstructive eyelid and lacrimal system surgery as well as laser skin resurfacing and endoscopic brow lifts are performed.

From arrival through pre- and post-operative procedures to discharge, the focus is on patient comfort. The ASC team is committed to the highest standard of patient care. Recently, Same Day Surgery Magazine recognized the Bloomington ASC for its efficiency and comprehensive patient services.

For comfort, quality care and extraordinary credentials, Minnesota Eye Consultants’ Ambulatory Surgery Center is simply the best. Please contact us at 1-800-Eye-To-Eye for more information.

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