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Corneal Transplant

Corneal transplant surgery, also called Keratoplasty, involves removing the central area of the cornea and replacing it with a donor’s cornea. Minnesota Eye Consultants offers several variations of corneal transplants, ranging from a partial transplant (such as a DSEK) to a full-thickness transplant (PK), with options in-between.

A cornea transplant has the ability to treat a number of conditions, including thinning of the cornea, corneal scarring (caused by infection or injury), clouding of the cornea, swelling of the cornea, corneal ulcers and complications caused by previous eye surgery. A cornea transplant can restore vision, reduce pain and improve the appearance of a damaged or diseased cornea.

Full Thickness Cornea Transplant (PK)
Partial Thickness Cornea Transplants

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