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About Us

Welcome to Minnesota Eye Consultants

Minnesota Eye Consultants embraces the very essence of its founders and leading care providers.

We are a dynamic organization of respected clinical eye care providers and supporting staff with extraordinary educational and professional credentials, who are passionate about patient care and dedicated to improving quality of life through life-changing vision procedures and treatments.

Our focus: to define, develop and pursue the best possible technologies, practices and services to respond to patients’ needs and improve the potential for best-possible vision. With multiple laser and refractive surgery centers in the Twin Cities and a growing team of dedicated eye care professionals, we are committed to delivering these services in a convenient, community setting.

The focus on research and education at Minnesota Eye Consultants is illustrated by its leadership in teaching and training other ophthalmologists and promising medical students. Through classroom instruction, residency and fellowship training and clinical research and education programs, our vision is steadfast, and the future is bright.

Our Core Values

We are leaders, not followers, who demand the highest standards, embrace innovation and meaningful change. Our goal is to consistently demonstrate the following values in everything that we do:


We are committed to producing superior service and excellent outcomes. We approach complex challenges with creativity and determination.

Honesty and Integrity

We advocate for high standards of social, ethical and organizational performance in all areas.


We actively solicit feedback. We believe the only way to improve patient experiences is to maintain open and genuine lines of communication.


Our dedicated research initiatives allow us access to the latest technologies, permitting us to truly provide unique care and offer rare services to our patients.

Our Mission

To preserve, restore, and enhance vision through research, teaching, and providing the highest quality medical and surgical care to patients.

Why Choose Minnesota Eye Consultants?
  • Our doctors are not just LASIK surgeons. While we are the first practice that performed LASIK in Minnesota and have continually been on the forefront of refractive technology and innovation, our physicians are also international experts in their fields with a comprehensive understanding of the whole health and function of the eye – cornea, glaucoma, cataract, dry eye, and oculoplastics.
  • Our doctors maintain the highest standards of care and will suggest treatment based only on what is best for each individual patient. If it happens to not be LASIK, they can offer an array of other treatment options to obtain the desired outcome.
  • We have the most advanced equipment available to assist in giving the doctor the most accurate and precise results and we own our own equipment.
  • We are the only private practice in the Twin Cities area that has a dedicated research department committed to improving patient care.
  • Several of our doctors hold patents for innovations in eye care.
  • Ask your family eye doctor about us, or look through the patient testimonials on our website. Our reputation speaks for itself.
  • Our surgeons are The Preferred Ophthalmologists of the Minnesota Vikings. Professional athletes that have limitless options choose Minnesota Eye Consultants.
  • Other doctors refer their patients to us if they have unusual eye health conditions and complicated cases.
  • Our standard price for LASIK is in line with the national and local averages for practices that utilize the same premier technology that we do (WaveScan, IntraLase, iLASIK).
  • We do not discount or coupon this procedure because we are a medical practice and view refractive surgery as an important medical decision, and not an assembly line procedure.
Our Corporate Partner – The MN Vikings

We are proud to have our surgeons be The Preferred Ophthalmologists of the Minnesota Vikings. We have had the pleasure to meet and care for countless public figures and are grateful to have all of our patients choose and trust us for their eye care needs.

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