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Our Mission

To preserve, restore, and enhance vision through research, teaching, and providing the highest quality medical and surgical care to patients.

Vision Correction for All Ages

The minimum age a person can undergo LASIK surgery, according to the FDA, is 18. Ophthalmologists recommend and often require that patients have a consistent prescription for at least 12 months before considering the surgery to avoid the risk of vision changing after LASIK has already been performed.

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By their 30s, people who may have previously been on the fence about LASIK establish a more consistent lifestyle and may become more financially stable. They are ready to take the plunge into a permanent vision correction solution with many years remaining to enjoy the incredible results of this life-changing surgery.

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Many people will begin to notice a normal, natural loss in near vision or reading vision, known as presbyopia, by around age 40. Minnesota Eye Consultants is pleased to offer KAMRA® Inlay treatment, freeing patients from reading glasses or contacts. LASIK surgery is also still an option for patients over 40.

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By age 50, significantly fewer patients consider having LASIK due to a variety of other potential eye issues that form naturally as we age. However, the 50s are still an ideal age for the KAMRA® Inlay procedure for presbyopia, which should be performed before potential cataracts develop.

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For patients over 60 who are experiencing blurry vision, we recommend scheduling a cataract evaluation with one of our ophthalmologists. As we age, the likelihood of developing a cataract increases, and we often find that cataract surgery is the recommended treatment plan. A thorough evaluation with a Minnesota Eye Consultants physician will determine what procedure makes sense for you and your vision goals.

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Our surgeons are proud to be the Preferred Ophthalmologists of the Vikings!

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Minnesota's Leading

Minnesota Eye Consultants is a dynamic organization of respected clinical eye care providers and supporting staff with extraordinary educational and professional credentials. We are passionate about patient care and dedicated to improving quality of life through life-changing vision procedures and treatments.

As a team of clinical trial researchers, our surgeons have been actively involved in the development of vision correction procedures since their inception. Our practice serves as a teaching facility, training ophthalmologists and clinical professionals throughout the world on vision correction management.

LASIK Eye Surgery

We are the premier provider in Minneapolis for LASIK surgery. LASIK can be a life-altering decision, increasing your quality of life and enabling you to take part in activities that were previously off-limits or at best very difficult. If you are interested in achieving your best possible vision without the use of glasses or contacts, learn more about LASIK laser vision correction here at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

Our surgeons are proud to be the preferred Ophthalmologists of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Cataract Surgery

Our practice offers a variety of treatment options for cataracts, including cataract surgery, multifocal intraocular lenses, YAG capsulotomy, and more to patients throughout the Minneapolis area. Cataract removal is considered one of the most popular and highly successful surgical procedures. During the surgery, the clouded lens is removed from the eye and replaced with an intraocular lens implant. If you’re ready to see clearly again, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have surrounding cataract treatment options.

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Glaucoma causes optic nerve damage, most often from high pressure caused by poor drainage of a fluid (aqueous humor), which supplies nutrients to the cornea and lens. The most common form is “acute angle glaucoma,” which accounts for 90% of cases. While glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness, it is fortunately both highly preventable and treatable. Since early detection is key, it is important to schedule an annual, fully-dilated eye exam with your ophthalmologist in order to catch early warning signs of the disease. Don’t wait - visit one of our Minneapolis area locations and start your glaucoma prevention today.

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Cosmetic / Oculoplastics

Ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialized area of ophthalmology that deals with the management of disorders of the eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, the orbit (the bone cavity surrounding the eye), and the adjacent face. Minnesota Eye Consultants is proud to offer a wide range of oculofacial cosmetic services, including lower eyelid blepharoplasty, BOTOX®, collagen injections (HA fillers), endoscopic forehead lift, and more. To learn more about our cosmetic and medical oculoplastic services, schedule a consultation with one of our specialists at one of our many locations throughout the Minneapolis area.

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We are honored to serve patients and their families within the Minneapolis metro area and beyond, carefully addressing their specialty and everyday eye care needs. We appreciate and value feedback very much, and are always pleased to hear what patients have to say about their visits.