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We invite you to scroll through the videos and comments below, highlighting several of our patients speaking about their experiences at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

Minnesota Vikings Testimonials

As the Preferred Ophthalmologists and LASIK Providers of the Minnesota Vikings, listen to what players Harrison Smith and C.J. Ham have to say about their experiences at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

Harrison Smith

C.J. Ham

Patient Video Testimonials

Conveniently separated by category, view our Testimonial Videos that pertain specifically to you and your eye care interests. (Please note: To view more videos within each playlist, you can click the top left menu within each video player.)



Medical & Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery


Natural Lens Replacement

Dry Eye

VIP Patient Testimonials

We are proud to have our surgeons be The Preferred Ophthalmologists of the Minnesota Vikings. Read on to see what some of these professional athletes and organization leaders have to say about their experiences at Minnesota Eye Consultants!

Harrison Smith
Minnesota Vikings Safety

Harrison Smith had his PRK procedure done at Minnesota Eye Consultants. Watch him talk about his vision and career before and after the surgery! Click here to watch Harrison’s testimonial.

Lou Nanne
Former NHL player and General Manager of the North Stars

Lou Nanne

A household name in Minnesota and beyond, we are proud to have cared for hockey legend, Lou Nanne. Listen as he talks about his vision struggles and his experience undergoing a Natural Lens Replacement with Dr. Richard Lindstrom. Click here to watch Lou’s testimonial.

Dave St. Peter
President, Minnesota Twins

Dave St. Peter

“Simply put, Minnesota Eye Consultants are the best in the business. Their overall approach, staff, and attention to detail made for a wonderful LASIK experience. Most importantly, Minnesota Eye delivers results as my eyesight returned to excellent levels. I highly recommend Minnesota Eye for anyone considering this procedure.”

Dave Pruemer
Minnesota Twins Baseball Trainer

Dave Pruemer

“When I became interested in Laser Vision Correction I asked Dr. Mjelstad, my family eye doctor at Hopkins Eye Clinic, for a recommendation. He recommended Minnesota Eye Consultants and said they were the first to perform refractive surgery in Minnesota in 1994, and had an internationally recognized Research Department in Laser Vision Correction procedures. As it turned out, I was not a candidate for LASIK because of thin corneas and had surface treatment Photorefractive Keratotomy instead. My surgeon, Dr. Riedel and his team were fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so great not to be dependent on glasses or contacts anymore.”

Anthony Herrera
Former Minnesota Vikings Guard

Anthony Herrera

“When I first thought about LASIK I made an appointment with my own eye doctor at Hopkins Eye Clinic. His examination determined that I was a good candidate for the procedure. He then recommended Minnesota Eye Consultants as the place to go. He said they have the newest equipment and have the best surgeons in the area. Dr. Riedel gave me a great result, and I played the entire 2009 season without the need for contact lenses. It is really great to not have the hassle of glasses or contacts anymore. Minnesota Eye has a great team and they make you very comfortable during the whole process.”

Don Lucia
Head Hockey Coach

Don Lucia

University of Minnesota Golden Gophers

“I couldn’t function without contacts — putting them in first thing in the morning and having to take them out again for even a nap on the team bus. I was referred to Minnesota Eye Consultants for LASIK, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I now see 20/20 or better — it’s fantastic. I would recommend Minnesota Eye Consultants to others, like me, who are motivated after years of wearing contact lenses. I had a great experience — perfect vision the next day.”

Ray Edwards
Former Minnesota Vikings Defensive End

Ray Edwards

“My contact lenses worked pretty well most of the time, but they started to become more of a hassle when I was playing football. I found that several of my teammates and coaches from the Minnesota Vikings had Laser Vision Correction at Minnesota Eye Consultants. When I asked Dr. Burns, one of our team doctors, and Eric Sugarman, our Head Trainer, about Laser surgery, they said I was a good candidate and that I should only consider Minnesota Eye Consultants for the procedure. I had a great result, and Dr. Hardten and his staff at MN Eye are terrific. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my football career without the hassle of contacts.”

Michael Cuddyer
Former Right Fielder for the MN Twins

Michael Cuddyer

“When I asked my family eye doctor, Dr. Mjelstad from the Hopkins Eye Clinic about LASIK, he said only consider Minnesota Eye Consultants. He said, “They have terrific surgeons and are one of the leaders in the country in research on all types of Laser Vision Correction”. I saw Dr. Samuelson at Minnesota Eye who performed the iLASIK procedure and I am doing great. The entire team at Minnesota Eye Consultants was very professional and caring, and I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a Laser Vision Correction option to glasses or contact lenses.”

Ryan Cook
Former Minnesota Vikings Offensive Lineman

Ryan Cook

“From the moment I put in those pesky contacts, I knew that this was not the life for me. That’s when I was recommended to Dr. David Hardten and the professional and courteous staff of Minnesota Eye Consultants. The LASIK surgery that he and his staff performed was flawless. I take joy every morning waking up, knowing that I have perfect vision again. This not only helps with day to day activities but also with my time on the field as an offensive linemen for the Minnesota Vikings.”

John Gordon and his wife Nancy
Retired MN Twins Radio Broadcaster

John Gordon and his wife

“When Nancy was told by her family eye doctor, Dr. Blomquist of Apple Valley, that she needed cataract surgery, he recommended Minnesota Eye Consultants. Minnesota Eye Consultants has the most highly trained, experienced surgeons in this area for vision correction procedures. Dr. Davis recommended special implants that have allowed Nancy to perform most of her vision tasks without glasses. Nancy’s experience at Minnesota Eye Consultants has been exceptional, and she couldn’t be happier with her restored vision.”

Jesse Crain
Former Pitcher for the Minnesota Twins

Jesse Crain

“When I asked my optometrist about LASIK, he said that Minnesota Eye Consultants was the place to go. As a professional baseball pitcher, I was naturally hesitant about having surgery on my eyes and any associated risk that could ruin my career. The complete experience at Minnesota Eye Consultants and the perfect result I have is very rewarding to me. From the skill of my surgeon, Dr. Davis, to the dedicated care from the entire staff, I am very happy my eye doctor sent me to Minnesota Eye Consultants for my surgery.”

2006 AL MVP Justin Morneau

Justin Morneau

“When I came to Minnesota, I met Dr. Hersman from the Hopkins Eye Clinic and he has always taken good care of my eyes. When I thought about having Laser Vision Correction, he recommended Minnesota Eye Consultants as the best place to have a consultation. I had the ILASIK procedure, which has been great, and Dr. Hardten and the entire staff at Minnesota Eye Consultants were very caring, explaining every part of the process in great detail. I’m looking forward to playing professional baseball without the hassle of contact lenses.”

Former NHL Player Stephane Veilleux

Stephane Veilleux

“I am extremely pleased that I decided to have LASIK eye surgery this summer by Dr. Elizabeth Davis at the Minnesota Eye Consultants. The staff and doctors were truly supportive and made me feel comfortable about a big decision. My surgery has allowed me to wake up every morning and see at 100 percent! LASIK eye surgery has changed my life. I am now able to play hockey without any contacts. I recommend Minnesota Eye Consultants to anyone considering LASIK eye surgery.”

FLW Fishing Pro Matt Peters

Matt Peters

“As a professional tournament fisherman and guide, my eyesight is critical to any success I may have. Dr. Riedel and his staff at Minnesota Eye Consultants could not have been any more caring or reassuring about my concerns. I no longer have to worry about contact lenses, including the expense of solutions and frequent replacement costs. My experience at Minnesota Eye was great, and my new vision is perfect.”

Jacques Lemaire
Former Head Coach of the Minnesota Wild

Jacques Lemaire

“I asked my family eye doctor about LASIK surgery and he told me Minnesota Eye Consultants was the best place to go. Dr. Samuelson performed my surgery just before training camp started. I’m enjoying my new improved vision behind the bench, and now what I see the players are not always happy.”

Tom Hunkele
Former Assistant Athletic Trainer from the Minnesota Vikings

“My experience with Minnesota Eye Consultants was fantastic from the initial visit to the final checkup. The entire staff was very professional and provided the best care one expects from their medical professionals. Dr. Hardten was amazing to work with and my results from the LASIK procedure are astonishing. My vision is fantastic and now I can’t remember what it was like prior to the surgery. I can’t thank the whole team at Minnesota Eye Consultants enough for the entire experience.”

Online Reviews

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