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Specialty Lens Options

During cataract surgery, the natural, cloudy lens is removed and an artificial lens is inserted inside the eye to take its place. Clear lenses that have not yet developed cataracts are also sometimes electively replaced with an artificial lens to reduce the need for glasses or contacts. This procedure is called a Natural Lens Replacement or a Clear Lens Extraction.

Every patient will have a unique set of needs and desires surrounding their vision following surgery, and we’re happy to offer an array of options to help each individual reach their visual goal. Some patients will choose the standard MonoFocal lens for their procedure, while others will opt into a Premium Vision Package to further enhance their vision after surgery. We have the ability to improve vision through Specialty Lens implants, surgical techniques and post-cataract procedures.

While insurance carriers will typically cover a standard MonoFocal lens, Specialty Lenses or Premium Vision Packages are elective and considered out of pocket. Many will refer to the MonoFocal lens as “flying coach”, and the Premium Vision Packages as “upgrading to First Class”. Discuss your desired visual outcomes with the surgeon at your Cataract Evaluation and find out what lenses and surgical procedures/techniques may benefit you.

Astigmatism Correction
Presbyopia Correction
Extended Depth of Focus

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