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YAG Capsulotomy

It’s common for patients to experience cloudy vision following cataract surgery, often similar to their vision prior to having cataracts removed. This can occur just weeks after surgery, or even years following, and many are concerned their cataracts have returned.

This “secondary cataract” is a condition in which the posterior capsule, which holds the intraocular lens (IOL) in place, becomes cloudy. The good news is the treatment for this, a YAG Capsulotomy laser is quick, painless and effective with immediate results.

The laser treatment is done within our surgery center, however, there’s no need for anesthesia. The YAG Capsulotomy is performed while sitting across from the surgeon, much like a regular clinic visit. The cloudy film that’s developed on the posterior capsule is penetrated with the laser, removing the foggy film and once again allowing light to more effectively reach the retina.

Patients are free to return to their normal daily activities immediately after and the vision change is often instantaneous.

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