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What is Pterygium?

A pterygium is a benign growth of vessels on the conjunctiva, which is the thin covering on the white part of the eye. They can vary in appearance from looking like a chronic pink eye on one side of the colored part of the eye to very large red-colored patches that cover the entire eye.

These are generally caused by sun exposure, low humidity, or genetics. Although not harmful, these growths can cause issues with vision, irritation, and appearance. At times, this can be confused with other problems, such as infections or tumors, so seeing an eye doctor is always recommended as they can use a slit lamp microscope to determine the best treatment.

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Treatment Options

Your surgeon will evaluate your eyes to make sure the diagnosis is correct and discuss the treatment options with you. The growth can be surgically removed using various techniques that are individualized to your specific situation.

Even with the best of surgeries, these growths can recur so wearing sunglasses and preventing dry eyes is helpful after surgery. In addition, your doctor can also recommend other treatments to help prevent worsening symptoms or recurrence.

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