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Dry Eye Diagnostics

As an Accredited Dry Eye Center, our Dry Eye Specialists are committed to offering the most advanced diagnostic testing and Dry Eyes treatment options available. Below are just a few of the Dry Eye diagnostics offered at Minnesota Eye Consultants.


This non-invasive instrument captures live images of your tear film and measures lipid content and quality. The eye is positioned in front of an illumination source that’s directed toward the tear film on the corneal surface. Light from this source passes through the tear film and is reflected into a camera.

The light reflecting back through the lens in the camera forms an interference pattern, called an interferogram. The advanced computer system then captures and records 32 frames per second, in real-time. This standardized test will quantify the lipid and help your dry eye specialist develop the best treatment strategy, which may include the LipiFlow procedure.

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TearLab® Osmolarity

If there is suspicion you may have dry eyes, the Osmolarity System can be performed to measure the salt concentration within your tears. The Osmolarity Test Card, in conjunction with the Osmolarity System, provides a quick and simple method for determining tear osmolality using volumes of tear fluid collected directly from the eyelid margin.

The Osmolarity Test gives doctors information relevant to the level of inflammation in your tear film, which is an indicator of Dry Eye Disease.


A Schirmers test determines whether the eye produces enough tears to keep it moist. This test is used when you experience very dry eyes or when your eyes are excessively watering. The Schirmer’s test uses paper strips that are inserted into the lower lid for several minutes to measure the production of tears.

Both eyes are tested at the same time. The technician will ask you to keep your eyes closed for approximately 5 minutes during this test. The paper is then removed and the amount of moisture is measured.

Sjögren's Syndrome (Sjo)

Sjögren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune disorder often associated with dry eye. Sjögren’s Syndrome primarily affects the exocrine glands, which are responsible for producing moisture in the body. Other common symptoms can include dry mouth, fatigue, and muscle pain.

The Sjo test is designed to help diagnose Sjögren’s Syndrome early. An early diagnosis can ensure proper treatment to help minimize complications. This is a quick finger-prick done at the same time as scheduled health physical with one of the Physician’s Assistants on staff at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

The results will be sent to a lab to be evaluated. Once your test results become available, your dry eye specialist will contact you to discuss them.

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