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Dr. Omar Awad and Dr. Mark Hansen are both currently evaluating patients for their KAMRA Corneal Inlay qualification cases. The KAMRA inlay treatment is a procedure that restores near vision and frees patients from the frustration of reading glasses. It is ideal for active people looking to no longer depend on reading glasses or contact lenses for their everyday activities…. Read More

UPDATE: Woodbury & Dr. Kennedy

MSP Commercial and CoBeck Construction have made some incredible progress on our brand new Woodbury location! If you happen to be in the Woodbury area, you can spot us on the west side of 494 near Tamarack Road. (See our Woodbury Map.) Scheduled to open for clinic patients on February 15th, we look forward to offering… Read More

Snow Blindness: The Top 3 Things you Should Know

1. What is Snow Blindness? Photokeratitis. That’s the medical term for Snow Blindness. Simply put, Snow Blindness is basically a sunburned cornea (or front part of the eye). This “sunburn” is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, and can be painful and result in temporary vision loss. 2. What are the Symptoms? Similar to… Read More

Can You Wear Makeup After LASIK?

People wear makeup for a number of reasons. It can help with confidence, looking more “put together”, and serve as a creative outlet. There is no question that makeup is an everyday part of a lot of people’s lives. So, it’s not uncommon that we get a few people now and then who don’t like… Read More

RESEARCH ARTICLE: Basketball Players and Eye Screening

In the recently published research article “Retrospective Review of the Duke University Men’s Basketball Team Eye Screening”, researchers seek to assess the effectiveness of performing eye screenings on young healthy athletes. Members of the team are given yearly eye screenings prior to the beginning of the season, and these screenings have occurred for the past… Read More

Halloween at Minnesota Eye Consultants

We had a great time celebrating Halloween this year at Minnesota Eye Consultants! We spotted some incredible costumes and decorated workspaces, and on top of that, we had a festive Halloween Team Cook-Off! See some of the photos below.

Dr. Lindstrom was Featured in The Ophthalmologist

Our very own Dr. Richard Lindstrom was featured in The Ophthalmologist for an article entitled, “Ophthalmology Chose Me”. This fun feature brings us back to the beginning, giving us a peek at how Dr. Lindstrom’s influential career began (and it’s likely not how you’d expect!). Of course we wouldn’t be Minnesota Eye Consultants without Dr. Lindstrom, but it’s astounding… Read More

Recruiting Patients for a Brow-Lift Research Study

Zift Medical is sponsoring a research study (the LIFT Study) to look at the use of a new investigational implantable device for aesthetic procedures. Dr. Jill Melicher of Minnesota Eye Consultants is participating in this research as an Investigator. The device is intended to raise the eyebrow(s) of patients who’s eyebrows have drooped (become lower)… Read More

Everything You Should Know About Glaucoma

Many people have heard of glaucoma, but don’t quite understand what it is. Here at Minnesota Eye, we believe knowledge of these types of diseases is extremely important. While there is no way to prevent glaucoma, being proactive about catching glaucoma early can help prevent vision loss. Prevention is key when it comes to 

Dr. Davis Interviewed in the Mpls St Paul Magazine

Keep your eyes peeled for the October issue of the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, as you’ll likely come across a familiar name. Dr. Elizabeth Davis was interviewed as an expert for their “40 is the new 20!” feature, which elegantly highlights what women age 40+ should be doing to maintain their health and wellness. We’re… Read More