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Category: General

13 Easy Ways To Protect Your Eyes This Summer

Swimming, hiking, beach parties, fun in the sun . . . summer activities are the best, but they can definitely take a toll on your eyes. Here’s how you can protect your eyes from seasonal stress! Avoid UV Radiation Sunlight contains two types of potentially harmful rays: UVA and UVB.  UVB, in particular, can cause… Read More

Snow Blindness: The Top 3 Things you Should Know

1. What is Snow Blindness? Photokeratitis. That’s the medical term for Snow Blindness. Simply put, Snow Blindness is basically a sunburned cornea (or front part of the eye). This “sunburn” is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, and can be painful and result in temporary vision loss. 2. What are the Symptoms? Similar to… Read More

Healthy Aging Vision Month

There are plenty of great suggestions for helping to preserve vision as we get older. You’ve probably heard the common ones, such as don’t smoke, eat a healthy balanced diet and be sure to wear sunglasses when outdoors. This is an excellent list, but I would venture to state that the single, most beneficial thing… Read More

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

There are an astonishing number of eye injuries occurring everyday in the workplace, resulting in approximately 300,000 Emergency Room visits per year across the nation (according to the CDC). The most dangerous occupations are what you may expect – construction, mining and manufacturing. Surprisingly, there are quite a few other professions that pose potential risks… Read More

December is Safe Toys & Celebrations Month

With the frenzied shopping season underway, now is a great time to talk Safe Toys. This holiday season, we hope your celebrations are full of love and happiness, not panicked, last minute trips to the ER with the little ones. Before we jump into the important tips for this year’s shopping extravaganza, let’s take a… Read More

Ocular Surface Disease Patient Education Webinars – Coming Soon!

Coming soon, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and participate in one of our Ocular Surface Disease Patient Education Webinars from the comfort of your very own home! Although we’re still ironing out the details, these webinars are tentatively scheduled for October 13th and December 1st. Ahmad M. Fahmy, OD, FAAO, Dipl, ABO and Scott G. Hauswirth, OD, FAAO are specialists and researchers… Read More

August is Back to School Eye Health Month

It’s a bit difficult to utter, but Fall is swiftly approaching. As we near the season of bright colored trees, apple orchards and hot cocoa, we also gear up to send the kiddos back to school. The normal “To Do List” may contain tasks such as purchasing school supplies, meeting the teachers, and becoming familiar… Read More

Tips for Living with Low Vision

According to the World Health Organization, it’s estimated that 249 million people are living with low vision. Living with low vision can be frustrating for many, but rest assured you’re not alone. Here are a few tips and ideas that may help make everyday tasks a little easier. Go Big! This tip can be applied in… Read More

May is UV Safety Month

Your Go-To Guide for Sunglasses Spring is here! As the temperatures rise, it’s not uncommon for us Minnesotans to rush outside and take advantage of our few precious months of summer weather. Hopefully you’ve been sporting your shades all winter long, but now is a great time to think about your eye protection for your… Read More

Workplace Eye Wellness

Whether your occupation involves digging at a dusty construction site or running reports on a computer, it’s important to keep your vision safe with the proper precautions. Check out this Workplace Eye Wellness infographic for the need-to-know facts. Click here to view infograph