Choosing a LASIK Surgeon: Factors to Consider for Successful Vision Correction

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Kertomileusis) has revolutionized vision correction, offering freedom from glasses and contact lenses for millions of people with myopia (nearsightedness). Although a short procedure, LASIK effectively corrects refractive errors with technology and technique from your LASIK surgeon. With numerous LASIK surgeons available, how do you know which one is the right one for you and your eyes?

As the first practice to perform LASIK in Minnesota in 1994, Minnesota Eye Consultants stays at the forefront of refractive technology and innovation. We make sure you receive individualized care and answers every step of the way through your vision correction journey. In this blog, we’ll review key factors to consider when choosing a LASIK surgeon and how our team at Minnesota Eye Consultants is here to help.

Research Credentials and Expertise:

Start by researching the credentials and experience of potential LASIK surgeons. Look for a provider who is board-certified and has extensive experience performing LASIK procedures.

At Minnesota Eye Consultants, we’re more than just LASIK surgeons. We have continually been at the forefront of refractive technology and innovation; our physicians are experts in their fields with a comprehensive understanding of the whole health and function of the eye. Our surgeons are also subspecialty fellowship-trained, meaning they have extensive training over and above the requirements. Several of our surgeons even hold patents for innovations in eye surgery technology.

In addition to credentials, it’s important to feel comfortable with your surgeon. Meet our LASIK surgeons by clicking the links below and checking out their bio videos!

Evaluate Technology and Equipment:

Advancements in technology have revolutionized LASIK surgery, making it safer and more precise than ever before. When choosing a LASIK surgeon, inquire about the technology they use for the procedure. At Minnesota Eye Consultants, our surgeons use two lasers: a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser. We also have WaveScan Wavefront system mapping which creates a 3-D map of your cornea, providing the doctor with essentially the ‘fingerprint’ of your eye. This provides detailed information on the exact shape of your cornea to assist in developing a personalized treatment plan.

Patient Satisfaction and Reviews:

Previous patient and family eye doctor reviews and testimonials are a great way to gain comfort and confidence in your surgeon. Testimonials can provide further insight on the LASIK process from the consultation to the procedure to the actual outcomes, such as those below from LASIK patients at Minnesota Eye Consultants.

  • “I had LASIK at Minnesota Eye Consultants a month ago and it was a great experience. They were professionals, had me covered every step of the way and answered any and all questions I had.”
  • Dr. Davis did my LASIK and I couldn’t be more pleased. She was thorough, precise, and kind. I will recommend her to my friends and family.”
  • “Dr. Hansen made my entire LASIK process seamless. The entire team at Minnesota Eye Consultants was incredible. I could not have asked for a better place to seek out my optical needs. Highly recommend.”

The Minnesota Eye Consultants Difference:

At Minnesota Eye Consultants, we understand the importance of choosing the right LASIK surgeon. Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists specialize in refractive surgery and are dedicated to providing personalized care and exceptional outcomes for each patient.

We utilize state-of-the-art LASIK technology to ensure the highest level of safety and precision. Our commitment to patient satisfaction is reflected in our numerous positive reviews and testimonials from our LASIK patients.

If you’re ready to experience the freedom and convenience of life without glasses or contacts, schedule a consultation with Minnesota Eye Consultants today. Our team will evaluate your candidacy for LASIK and create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your vision goals.

Take the first step towards clearer vision and contact us at (952) 888-5800 to book your LASIK consultation today!