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Congrats to Nancy and Karen, WINNERS of our My LASIK Valentine contest!

Picture of Nancy

Just a few short weeks ago, Karen nominated her partner, Nancy, for our “My LASIK Valentine” contest. They reached out to friends and family and were able to conjure up 540 votes which resulted in a WIN! Be sure to follow Nancy’s LASIK journey via our facebook page. We’ll be documenting/filming/posting her story and are excited to give you frequent updates.

Below is the winning essay:

My name is Karen and I am nominating my love, Nancy Morales, for your Valentines day contest. Nancy has lived with very poor vision her entire life. As her partner, I have 20/20 vision without correction and cannot fully understand the misery of contacts and glasses. But what I see are the best parts of life made harder by having to constantly plan for a vision solution. Nancy loves to camp! Specifically she loves to canoe camp. Backpacking through the BWCA or the Quetico with backup contacts, contact solution, contact cases, glasses and whatever else you contact wearers need is a pain! I would love for her to experience the beauty of the MN northwoods without the hassle of poor vision. I would also love to never hear the phrase, \”I can’t see you so I don’t know what your face is saying\” again. I may regret this later, but I want my love to see the faces I make at her! Many times I say more with a look than with words. Please vote for Nancy! Best Valentines present ever! Thanks. Karen