Person typing on a laptopIf you are tired of dealing with glasses or contacts, chances are you’ve considered correcting your vision with LASIK. Here at Minnesota Eye Consultants, we are here to put your worries about LASIK to rest and give you more information on this safe, effective procedure. Here is a step by step guide on what exactly happens during LASIK surgery!

Testing With A Technician

The day is finally here. You will finally be able to wake up with clear vision and it all starts now. You will be examined by a surgical technician where they will review your chart and make sure that all required testing is complete before you undergo the procedure. If testing isn’t complete, they will make sure to complete these tests so that we will have all necessary information for the procedure.

Surgery Preparation

Now that all testing is complete, you will meet with a pre-op coordinator. At this point, you will be given discharge instructions and any drops or medication you will need for your post op care. After this is taken care of you will be brought to the Laser Suite. This is when they will start preparing you and your eyes for surgery.

The surgical technician will ensure your eyes are properly cleaned for surgery and give you eye drops. These eye drops will help you not blink during the procedure and reduce any discomfort you would feel during the operation. Now that you are prepped for surgery, you will have a chance to go over the steps of the procedure with the surgical technician as well as our very own Minneapolis LASIK surgeon. This is important because it allows time for you to get answers to questions you may still have as well as understand what the procedure will be like.

Surgery Begins

Now that you have gone through all the steps for preparation it is time for the procedure to begin. The surgeon will now keep your eyelids open using a lid speculum. The speculum is in place to keep your eyes open during the procedure to avoid blinking. Next, the Intralase laser will administer pulses of laser light, which will create the corneal flap.

VISX Excimer Laser

After the corneal flap has been created you will then be switched over to the VISX Excimer Laser and the corneal flap will be carefully lifted up by your surgeon. At this point in the procedure your surgeon will use all of the collected data from previous examinations to reshape the cornea. This is the part of the procedure where you will hear the clicking noises as the laser is being administered and correcting your vision.

Surgery Is Complete

Now that the process of administering the laser is complete, your surgeon will replace the flap and then repeat the same procedure on your other eye. After both eyes are completed you will be given eye drops and your eyes will be shielded with a plastic covering, this serves as protection for your eyes. Following this, you will be given sunglasses to protect from any light sensitivity and given further instructions about post operative care.

Here at Minnesota Eye Consultants, we are dedicated to providing each patient with the information they need to feel their best when walking into our office. Contact our Minneapolis location for more LASIK information and to schedule your LASIK consultation!