According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there are approximately 2,000 workplace eye injuries that occur every day. Shockingly, that figure just includes on-the-job injuries, even though approximately half of all incidents occur at home.

Check out this infographic with common facts about eye injuries.

Protect your vision by keeping these tips in your back pocket.

  • Wear Safety goggles while working with flying particles such as dust, sand and wood chips. Safety goggles are also recommended while playing sports such as racquetball and paintball.
  • Safety goggles should cover the sides of your eyes too, so be sure the frame wraps around your face and fits snug. Regular eye glasses are not a safe alternative to protective safety goggles.
  • Liquids should be handled with care, and never mix cleaning agents. Of course, goggles should be worn at all times while handling harmful chemicals such as solvents or detergents.
  • Reevaluate everyday tasks around the house and make sure you’re being as safe as possible. For example, pick up potential hazards such as rocks and sticks prior to mowing the lawn. Keep lights on in dim areas and provide a railing next to stairs to prevent any accidents.

Although these prevention methods may seem like common sense, these easy precautions could save you a trip to the ER, and possibly even your eyesight.

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