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Closeup of glassesIt’s been over a year now that we’ve been offering the revolutionary KAMRA corneal inlay procedure for patients struggling with reading glasses. Presbyopia, or the loss of the flexibility in the natural lens to see both near and far objects, tends to rear its ugly head around age 40. Folks start to notice they have a more difficult time reading in dim light and may find themselves holding the restaurant menu out a little further than normal. Although a quick fix, reading glasses aren’t ideal for everyone. Enter: the KAMRA corneal inlay procedure.

This tiny inlay utilizes small aperture optics and is surgically inserted into the non-dominant eye. The procedure offers treatment for near, or reading, vision with the goal of patients having less dependence on reading glasses.

The KAMRA inlay is offered at the Bloomington office and is performed in our Laser Suite by the following surgeons: Drs. Richard L. Lindstrom, David R. Hardten, Elizabeth A. Davis, and Sherman W. Reeves. With the exception of a few restrictions, recovery is fairly simple, with most patients returning to work and their normal daily activities the following day.

If you’re interested in more information on the KAMRA corneal inlay, visit our website or call our Refractive Specialist, Sue, at 952-567-6020.