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“My Lasik Valentine” Contest Winner!

Congratulations to our “My Lasik Valentine” contest winner, MOLLY ZINDA WOLF! Molly’s essay was “LIKED” on facebook by 490 people! Check out her winning words:

“My husband Nate has been wearing glasses since he was young. He has horrible vision and can’t live without his glasses. My husband works so hard to support his family. He works all day and some days he comes home and has to work all night too. I’ve never heard him complain, he always just says “I’m doing it for my family”. As you can imagine with a family of 5 the majority of the money goes to the kids. Also let’s just say my husband’s current glasses have seen better, having a 6 month old yanking at them doesn’t help either. I would love for my husband to be able to have Lasik surgery, as I know this would mean so much to him. Please like my post and help my husband get Lasik! Thanks for time in reading this. Molly”