Anthony Herrera,
Minnesota Vikings Guard

“When I first thought about LASIK I made an appointment with my own eye doctor at Hopkins Eye Clinic. His examination determined that I was a good candidate for the procedure. He then recommended Minnesota Eye Consultants as the place to go. He s…aid they have the newest equipment and have the best surgeons in the area. Dr. Riedel gave me a great result, and I played the entire 2009 season without the need for contact lenses. It is really great to not have the hassle of glasses or contacts anymore. Minnesota Eye has a great team and they make you very comfortable during the whole process.”

Ray Edwards
Minnesota Vikings Defensive End

“My contact lenses worked pretty well most of the time, but they started to become more of a hassle when i was playing football. I found that several of my teammates and coaches from the Minnesota Vikings had Laser Vision Correction at Minnesota Eye Consultants. When I asked Dr. Burns, one of our team doctors, and Eric Sugarman, our Head Trainer, about Laser surgery, they said I was a good candidate and that I should only consider Minnesota Eye Consultants for the procedure. I had a great result, and Dr. Hardten and his staff at MN Eye are terrific. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my football career without the hassle of contacts.”

Ryan Cook
Minnesota Vikings Offensive Lineman

“From the moment I put in those pesky contacts, I knew that this was not the life for me. That’s when I was recommended to Dr. David Hardten and the professional and courteous staff of Minnesota Eye Consultants. The LASIK surgery that he and his staff performed was flawless. I take joy every morning waking up, knowing that I have perfect vision again. This not only helps with day to day activities, but also with my time on the field as an offensive linemen for the Minnesota Vikings.”