Summer is the best, especially since you get more time with your family! Considering LASIK but aren’t quite sold? Keep reading to learn how getting LASIK can help your family!

Happy Family on Beach

1. No more worrying about your glasses or contacts on vacation

Most families take at least one big vacation every summer. Remember your last vacation when you had to worry about packing enough contacts?

If you’re going somewhere for some fun, it’s the last thing you want to think about! If you time it right, you could get LASIK and recover before your big vacation this summer.

Just imagine it: a family vacation with one less thing to stress out about! Trust us, it’s possible, and it can be a reality thanks to LASIK.

2. You’re always up for whatever and don’t need to take off your glasses

If you have little kids, you know they have an attention second that lasts about a minute if you’re lucky! LASIK can help you keep up with your kids when they are bouncing from activity to activity.

Wear contacts every day? It’s hard to keep an eye on your kids when you’re trying to get your contacts in your eyes! What about glasses?

If you’re at the pool with your kids, keeping them in your sights is never easy. But if you wear glasses, you’re not as prepared as you could be. If one of your kid wants to go in the pool and you wear glasses, they have to wait for you to take them off.

Then, you have to put on prescription sunglasses, which means rifling around in your bag. From start to finish, this could take five minutes or longer.

Most kids aren’t going to wait that long! To keep your kids as safe as possible, it makes much more sense to get LASIK. The recovery period is short, too. Most LASIK patients are able to go back to work the next day!

After that, you should avoid pools and other bodies of water for about a month. But after that point, your eyes are almost completely healed!

Honestly, LASIK, when you’ve had kids and know you won’t have anymore, is just a smart idea!

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3. You can get out the door faster because you don’t have contacts

No matter why you’re running out the door, you’ve got somewhere important to be. What if you could finally stop wearing contacts?

It’s possible if you’re a candidate for LASIK! Putting in contacts is one of those tiny little tasks that take up your precious time.

Most parents don’t exactly think of the time they spend putting in contacts as a good use of it. How many times have you overslept and then cursed the fact that you still have to put in your contacts?

Or you get up on time but your kids follow you into the bathroom. Some mornings it can be like a hurricane hit your home.

Do you really want to leave your contacts out while you try to corral your kids out of the bathroom? Save time and some of your sanity by getting LASIK instead!

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4. You no longer have to stress about the costs of glasses or contacts

Even if both partners work, it can feel like there’s never enough money to go around when you have kids. What if we told you that you could save money if you get LASIK?

Here’s how. With LASIK, you can cut out the costs of glasses, contacts, solution, and accessories. Did you know that for people that wear glasses and contacts, LASIK can save them an average of $500 per year?

Another thing that a lot of people don’t consider is financing for a procedure like LASIK. Since it’s an elective procedure, your insurance company isn’t going to foot the bill.

But financing options at Minnesota Eye Consultants can make LASIK affordable! What’s more, after a few years, the cost of LASIK can actually start paying for itself.

After all, LASIK is a permanent procedure. So every year after LASIK, you could have an extra $500 (or more) in your pocket. Think of the possibilities!

5. Getting LASIK can make you happier

The number one reason you should consider LASIK is because it’s for you. Being a parent, it’s hard to take time for yourself, but you have to when you get LASIK.

Of course, the results make it worth it by default, since you can finally say goodbye to glasses or contacts! Many people who wear contacts leave them in for longer than they should.

And if you wear contacts, you know that leads to irritation among other things. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to stumble to the bathroom to ensure you don’t sleep in your contacts?

Or if you fell asleep reading a book without freaking out about your glasses? All this and more can be your new reality after LASIK!

Sure, saving money can make you happy, but we think LASIK makes people happier because they can see. You can wake up every morning and see your alarm.

If your kids crawl into bed on a Saturday morning, there’s no wondering where you put your glasses last night. You can see!


6. You’re safer in emergency situations

Anyone who is on the fence about getting LASIK as a parent needs to remember one thing: you’re safer in an emergency. All the what-if scenarios that run through your head?

You’re a lot more prepared if you can see without glasses or contacts!

What If:

  • your house is on fire in the middle of the night? After LASIK, you can get out of bed and to your kids faster
  • one of your kids falls into the pool and can’t swim? If you get LASIK, you can let your instincts kick in and jump in after them.
  • a gas main leaks in your house? Thanks to LASIK, you won’t have to worry if your glasses fog up while you herd your family out the door

We all know that every second counts when you’re in the middle of an emergency! It can be the difference between life and death. Being able to see means you’re the most prepared you can be.

Want to find out if LASIK could be right for you? Contact Minnesota Eye Consultants in Minneapolis, MN to schedule a LASIK consultation today!