Closeup of an eyePeople wear makeup for a number of reasons. It can help with confidence, looking more “put together”, and serve as a creative outlet. There is no question that makeup is an everyday part of a lot of people’s lives. So, it’s not uncommon that we get a few people now and then who don’t like the idea of going makeup free after LASIK surgery.

Don’t get us wrong, you can still wear makeup after LASIK surgery. You just have to take some precautions! Here are some do’s and don’ts of wearing makeup after LASIK surgery.

Waiting At Least a Week After Surgery

Before going in for your LASIK surgery, you will be asked to remove all of your makeup. This will be the last time you wear (eye) makeup for at least a week. Why is this?

Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria. When your eye is healthy, it can better fight off bacteria and keep your eyes from becoming infected. However, after LASIK, your eye is still healing and you need to avoid any contact with bacteria. Infections during LASIK healing can be serious, so it is important to minimize any risk.

Since you will be using eye drops multiple times a day, eye makeup is much more likely to enter the eye. Plus, these drops would surely ruin your eye makeup anyway. It is best just to give your eyes a break from makeup for a while!

Replace Your Makeup

When you are cleared to start wearing makeup again, you should replace your eye makeup. This can be a hassle for some, but we think it’s worth it to minimize your risk of infection. After a week, your cornea can still be sensitive and you should be taking any precaution to prevent infection. Replacing your eyeshadows, eyeliners, and mascara will make you much less likely to develop an infection.

Used makeup is more likely to be harboring nasty bacteria. If you are unwilling to or if you can’t afford to replace your makeup, be sure to thoroughly sanitize it before use. For cream products like mascara, we still recommend replacement because it is nearly impossible to sanitize such products.

Your face makeup, such as concealer, foundation, and blush, should be fine to keep and use as long as you keep them away from your eyes. Some doctors will still recommend discontinuing the use of these products during healing just to be extra safe.

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