In the recently published research article “Retrospective Review of the Duke University Men’s Basketball Team Eye Screening”, researchers seek to assess the effectiveness of performing eye screenings on young healthy athletes. Members of the team are given yearly eye screenings prior to the beginning of the season, and these screenings have occurred for the past 15 years.

Routine eye exams are important, not only for daily life, but also in the world of sports. Athletes could potentially improve their performance if they are screened and given the opportunity to correct their visual error with contacts, glasses or even refractive surgery. In addition to elevating their athletic performance, important information may also be uncovered through a routine exam. 10% of the Men’s Duke basketball players that were screened found out they were glaucoma suspects, and one individual was informed he had Keratoconus.

Interesting fact: Some studies have shown players who have an uncorrected refractive error will typically miss a free throw shot towards the side with the better eye.

Download the full article for interesting facts about athletes and vision, and to read more about the study results.