Third-party payment companies like doxo.com want you to think they are our partners assisting with your payment processing to us. Doxo.com and Minnesota Eye Consultants are NOT partnersDoxo.com charges extra service fees and your payments from doxo.com may be delayed, resulting in late payments on your account.

At Minnesota Eye Consultants, your safety and the security of your payments is a top priority. We strongly recommend that patients only use our approved Online Bill Pay system called InstaMed, which can be found on our website at https://www.mneye.com/patient-resources/online-bill-pay/ or by calling our Business Office at (952) 567-6063. 

Using InstaMed’s payment portal ensures your personal information stays safe. It also guarantees no added payment delays and no additional fees are charged to you by a third-party entity. You can either set up an account to make current and future payments even easier -OR- proceed as a Guest to process a one-time payment. We accept all major credit cards at no extra charge.