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Cost is one of the most important factors for patients when it comes to planning for LASIK eye surgery.

Of course, LASIK is not covered by most insurance companies. There are a few who offer member-based discount prices.

To find out if your insurance offers a member discount for LASIK, call the customer service line. It’s important to find this out before scheduling a LASIK consultation.

Knowing this information, the cost of LASIK is on you to pay in full. LASIK is great, but can you really afford a procedure that costs so much out of pocket?

The answer is yes! If you want LASIK to be affordable, financing options and flexible payments can help!

Keep reading to learn more about the cost of LASIK and how it can be within your reach!

Why Doesn’t Insurance Cover LASIK?

A life without glasses or contacts seems like it should be a necessity, but it’s not. Your insurance company classifies LASIK as an elective procedure.

That means you do not need the procedure for any medical reasons. LASIK is often classified with cosmetic procedures like tummy tucks and facelifts!

There are situations when LASIK is not elective, but they are special circumstances. Most insurance companies need significant documentation showing that a patient must have LASIK.

This can be due to severe allergies, an inability to wear contacts, or it’s necessary for their job.

Since insurance probably won’t cover LASIK, it’s best to be realistic and have a plan for financing it.

How Much Is LASIK?

In 2017, the average cost of LASIK surgery was just over $2,000 per eye. Bladeless LASIK costs approximately $5,000 for both eyes.

The price you pay will depend on:

  • The LASIK surgeon you select, as well as their reputation and level of experience
  • What kind of LASIK technology the practice uses
  • The type and severity of refractive errors you have

When it comes to the cost of LASIK, it’s also important to remember how much you’re already paying for glasses or contacts. Consider this: contacts need to be replaced often, which results in hundreds of dollars each year.

Most people also have a pair of glasses, or even a second pair of back up glasses just in case. Glasses don’t last forever, and usually, need replacing every few years.

Don’t forget about eyecare accessories like contact lens solution and cases! It adds up, and fast. LASIK may seem like a lot up front, but it’s an investment into your eyes.

In fact, LASIK pays for itself over time. Wouldn’t it be nice to not spend your money on glasses and contacts anymore?

What If I Can’t Afford It Right Now?

Don’t feel bad. Most people don’t have that kind of cash available. This actually puts you in the majority of patients who want LASIK.

Most LASIK recipients pay for their procedure using financing. This is much more affordable than paying in full up front! Breaking LASIK up into smaller, monthly payments makes it much more manageable. Options include:

  • Financing your procedure directly through your LASIK surgeon or a major company
  • Charging LASIK on a zero interest credit card (and paying it off as quickly as possible)
  • Taking out a personal loan from your bank

Want to learn more about LASIK and how you can afford it? Contact Minnesota Eye Consultants in Minnetonka for a LASIK consultation today!