You’re thinking about it. You know a few people that have had LASIK and are secretly envious. You’re not even sure why you’re hesitating. You figured out how to cover your LASIK cost and found a reputable LASIK surgeon!

No worries, though. LASIK, after all, is a surgical procedure, which can make people nervous.

Whatever your reasons for holding off on LASIK, we’ve got a few reassuring LASIK facts to share!

1. Millions Have Gone Before You

No, seriously. This isn’t a cheesy sci-fi script, either. We are talking cold, hard, reassuring numbers. Since LASIK became FDA approved in the 1990s, millions have had it.

What’s more, LASIK has an insane 96% success rate! What other elective procedure can say that?

2. Risk of Complications is Incredibly Low

Laser vision correction surgeries like LASIK are safe and reliable procedures! You’ve got the benefit of time and knowledge on your side.

Since its introduction, LASIK has become safer and can treat a wider array of vision problems. It’s also proven itself to have a very low level of risk and side effects.

The procedure is now completely bladeless, meaning there are no blades used at all. Instead, LASIK uses two lasers: a microkeratome laser and an excimer laser. This cuts down on the rate of human error possibly occurring.

Still nervous? Don’t be!

3. You Won’t Feel Any Pain

You may not believe us, but you won’t feel any pain during LASIK. How is this possible? Before LASIK, your surgeon will put numbing drops in your eyes.

The most you may feel is some slight pressure for a few seconds. LASIK takes about 15 minutes per eye to fully complete. That’s it: 30 minutes!

After the procedure, the numbing eye drops may start wearing off. If that happens, you can take some ibuprofen for any discomfort you may feel. Slight discomfort is a small price to pay for clear vision!

4. What About Your Nerves?

No worries! It’s completely normal to have some nerves before LASIK. Besides, your surgeon will give you a medication for your nerves before the procedure.

This will allow you to relax and calm down before LASIK. During LASIK, all you have to do is lay back and listen to your surgeon.

They’ll tell you everything they are going to do before starting the procedure. Knowing what to expect before undergoing LASIK makes a difference if you’re nervous!

5. You’ve Been Approved For A Reason

It’s no small feat to be an approved LASIK candidate! Although millions of people get LASIK, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. If you’ve already gotten approved for LASIK, it means your LASIK surgeon knows it’s safe for you.

During your LASIK consultation, make sure to bring up any questions or concerns you have. Whether it’s about the procedure or what to expect, knowing more always helps! In the end, LASIK is your gateway to clear vision and visual freedom!

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