Dry Eye Syndrome (or Ocular Surface Disease) is a condition caused by the reduction in quality and quantity of tears as a result of inflammation. Sometimes people don’t produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to keep their eyes healthy and comfortable. The most common form of dry eye is when your tears evaporate too quickly. This can happen when the glands in your eyelids are not producing enough oil (“meibum”). The oil on the tears prevents the tear from evaporating too quickly.

Minnesota Eye Consultants is proud to be the first and only eye care provider in Minnesota to offer this innovative in-office treatment option.

TearCare is an open-eye procedure designed to target the underlying cause of evaporative dry eye. By applying heat directly to the eyelid, TearCare melts the blockage within your Meibomian glands. Your doctor then gently presses the eyelid to clear melted meibum. This quick procedure takes approximately 15 minutes and is more cost-effective than other comparable dry eye procedures. In addition, candidates who are not ideal for LipiFlow may qualify for this treatment.

To see if TearCare is right for you, schedule an appointment with one of our dry eye specialists. To learn more about TearCare, click here.