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Does this sound familiar? You step out of your house with your face mask, intent on running a few errands, and then, the second the fresh air hits your face, your vision vanishes, impaired by the frustrating, ever-present symptom of mask-wearing: fogged glasses. If you can’t relate – you are lucky! If this hit home – read on why now is the perfect opportunity to pursue LASIK treatment!

Season’s greetings.
Fogged glasses, though certainly an annoyance, aren’t the sole reason this is the right time for LASIK. Many of our patients find recovery easier during the FALL. Clinically speaking, any season is the right time for LASIK, but patients undergoing LASIK in the summer months will find activities such as swimming temporarily limited for up to two weeks after surgery. It’s hard to be sidelined. Generally, we find patients welcome a lazy weekend as the temperatures cool and there is no fear of missing out on water fun. And there is even more good news, having LASIK now might make your winter festivities a bit more joyous! Remember the fogged glasses? Downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, and ice skating are just around the corner, and you guessed it – participation can be greatly impacted by foggy, bothersome glasses. Schedule your appointment today and experience the beauty of winter without the hassle of wearing glasses! Need a few more reasons to try LASIK? Read on!

Staying in.
Sometimes social distancing can be a drag, but LASIK patients might welcome the break from being out and about. Post-operation, patients are encouraged to refrain from using eye make-up for a few weeks. Going bare-faced can be a challenge under normal circumstances, but with so many of us already abandoning our commutes and work slacks for extra sleep and sweatpants, it’s easy to give yourself a break in the cosmetic department. Plus, one might argue that Zoom’s “touch up appearance” feature was made just for this purpose.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.
The closer we get to the end of the year, the closer we draw to the dreaded expiration of flex card funds. You’ve been carefully putting this money aside for months to ensure the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family, so why let it go to waste? LASIK surgery is eligible for flex spending, so schedule a consultation today and make a plan to put your hard-earned money to good use.

Why Minnesota Eye Consultants?
That leaves one big question: Why pursue treatment with us? To begin with, our doctors are not just LASIK surgeons. Our physicians are international experts in their fields with a comprehensive understanding of the whole health and function of the eye. They maintain the highest standard of care and will suggest treatment based only on what is best for each individual patient. If that happens not to be LASIK, they can offer an array of other treatment options to obtain your desired outcome.

That being said, our surgeons are also world-class when it comes to LASIK. We were the first practice in Minnesota to perform the procedure, back in 1994, and we’ve continually been on the forefront of refractive technology and innovation since then. We have the most advanced equipment available to ensure our doctors achieve the most accurate and precise results. We also own our equipment, which means we never have a patient quota and will only make decisions based on your best interests.

What next?
If your interest has been piqued, call us today at (952) 888-5800 to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online. We hope to see you soon!